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3/5/1996 PRESS RELEASE: City on the Edge of Forever

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Subject: PRESS RELEASE:  City on the Edge of Forever
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September 1996: White Wolf Publishing to release 

Star Trekr fans have searched for years for the rare and elusive original
teleplay written by Harlan Ellison over 25 years ago. The City on the Edge
of Forever has been embroiled in controversy since the airing of an
"eviscerated" version of the original teleplay - which subsequently became
one of the most beloved episodes in the series' history. (include a little
of plot)


The facts are relatively simple: Harlan Ellison wrote the original
teleplay, The City on the Edge of Forever. Roddenberry and his crew first
altered and then released it.

Millions of avid Star Trekr fans, and much of the world, have wondered for
years what the real story was; which script was better? Reputations were
built, awards won, money made, and a classic television series flourished
into one of the hottest, most popular properties to ever be created in

White Wolf Publishing presents, for the first time in unlimited edition
trade paperback, the unrevised, unadulterated original version of Harlan
Ellison's award-winning Star Trekr script The City on the Edge of Forever
- the spark that incited Ellison's vehement and long-lived feud with late
TV producer Gene Roddenberry!

The City on the Edge of Forever is, according to Harlan, a teleplay with
"depth, emotionalism and quality," a moving, real-life drama of love,
friendship, mortality and courage. Once altered and finally aired, it
became a "melodramatic, implausible action-adventure hour." White Wolf
Publishing is now making it available in print as Ellison intended it.

Harlan Ellison's The City on the Edge of Forever: The Original Star Trekr
Teleplay contains a heated, in-depth, no-holds-barred introduction that
discloses all of the facts, details and dirt of the 25-year feud, born of
what Harlan describes as a "fatally inept treatment" of his creative work.
Was Ellison unjustly edited, unjustly accused, and unjustly treated?


*The original teleplay to the best-known, most-loved Star Trekr episode!
*In its original form, it won the 1966-67 Writers Guild of America Award
for best teleplay and the 1967 Hugo Award (the only teleplay to ever do
*Contains Harlan's side of the story, all 20,000 words of it.
*Learn who actually rewrote Harlan's original teleplay.
*Read the revealing afterwords by Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, George
Takei, Peter David, Walter Koenig, Dorothy C. Fontana, David Gerrold, and
Melinda Snodgrass.

Contact: Kim Shropshire
780 Park N. Blvd. Suite 100
Atlanta, Georgia 30021
404-292-1819 ext 204 or
Email (after May15, 1996)



"I did not believe the phrase 'bodies piled in heaps' until I saw the
battlefield yesterday"

-Captain Emory Upton after the Battle of Antietam

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22/10/1996 Farpoint Con Review: Lolita Fatjo (Trek Script Coordinator)

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From: "Sashi Alexandra German" <sashi@feith1.FEITH.COM>
Subject: Farpoint Con Review: Lolita Fatjo (Trek Script Coordinator)
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Date: 22 Oct 1996 18:26:56 -0700
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Farpoint '96 Convention Review, Hunt Valley, MD
Saturday, Sunday October 5-6, 1996
Guest: Lolita Fatjo (script coordinator, Star Trek TNG, DS9, VOY, movies)
By Sashi Alexandra German

This convention review contains SPOILERS for
the 3rd Season of Star Trek: Voyager, the 5th
season of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and the new
Trek movie 'Star Trek: First Contact.' Do NOT
read any further if you are not interested in reading

Star Trek Script Coordinator Lolita Fatjo was one of the guests this past 
weekend at the Farpoint '96 convention in Hunt Valley, MD. Lolita is a 
different kind of guest -- as opposed to stars who will sometimes have 
little to no facts about episodes, movies or reasons why things were done, 
Lolita --  one of the few employees to work on ALL current Star Trek 
productions -- *has* that information. She is always a wealth of information
and usually I take the most notes during her talks.

After reading numerous reviews of her on the Internet, I saw Lolita for the
first time last March at Vulkon in Towson, MD. I actually liked her 
appearance this time a bit more because the convention crowd was smaller, 
and she had a chance to be more personal with people. Especially on Sunday 
she came across as genuinely interested in what people had to say about 
Voyager, DS9 and First Contact. It was refreshing to get the impression that
a Paramount office employee was actually listening to the comments and 
opinions of Star Trek fans. At this appearance she was also better dressed 
-- this time for winter with light colored blue jeans and a dark turtleneck
(back in March she had worn this short dress and looked like she was dressed
for sunny LA and not wintertime in Maryland). I will also add that it was 
rather funny to be dancing to the Time Warp at Ten Forward Saturday night at
1:00am and to suddenly turn around and see her there dancing along with 
everyone else! (Mark Goddard was there as well). It was nice to see the 
guests want to 'get down and boogie' with the rest of us during off-hours...

I have combined notes from both her Saturday and Sunday sessions. At one 
point her sessions overlapped because she started each one with slides from
Deep Space 9 and 'First Contact' -- she said she didn't bring any Voyager 
slides because we were already a few episodes into the new season and she 
didn't have anything new to show us.

         Lolita began both days by talking about DS9, with fresh new 5th 
season promotional pictures of the cast.  Some notes from her slides:
        * Nana Visitor and Alexander Siddig are both doing very well after 
the birth of their son. Lolita said she sort of remembered what the name of
the child was, but since it appeared to be a Sudanese name, she didn't want 
to butcher its pronunciation.
        * Jake Sisko will be seen a great deal more this season as Cirroc 
Lofton basically becomes a permanent regular cast member to appear every 
week (instead of appearing as a reoccurring character).
        * Worf will have a love interest this season -- and it is Dax. 
Internet Rumor Central says this is due in part to the fact that Terry 
Farrel and Michael Dorn are 'an item.'
        * Keiko and Molly O'Brien will also be seen a great deal more this 
year to be more full-time cast members. Instead of being the reoccurring 
characters they have been in the past, they will be seen every week.
        Robert O'Reilly and his wife are expecting triplets! Someone in the 
audience commented that it appeared Gowron now had a reason to be all 

THE SHIP (week of 10/7): A Jem Hadar episode. Much of this story was filmed
on location. Lolita commented that it was a rather expensive episode to film
because it was outside... and the reason most episodes are filmed inside is
because it's much cheaper. In this episode, the crew finds an upside-down
Jem Hadar ship embedded on the surface of a planet (this episode is airing 
this week in most markets)
LOOKING FOR PARMOK IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES: (week of 10/14) This is a Kira &
O'Brien story where the two find themselves getting uncomfortably close to
one another. The slide we were shown was Kira, apparently in some pain, 
lying down on a couch and O'Brien moving to rub her feet. Also in this 
episode -- Klingon woman Krilka comes back and wants Quark. We were shown a
slide of Quark in full Klingon regalia with a Batleth ready to fight -- 
Quark apparently fights for her honor. Episode directed by Andrew Robinson 
NOR THE BATTLE TO THE STRONG: (Week of 10/21)  Bashir and Jake Sisko are in
a shuttle together and  investigate a distress signal. They land on a planet
where almost everyone is dead (the slide showed Bashir & Jake starring at 
bodies lying all over the ground -- another episode shown on location). 
Jake, the writer, keeps a journal of his experiences and is chronicling the
mission. He sees things he has never seen before and is truly horrified and
traumatized by the experience.
THE ASSIGNMENT: (Week of 10/28) Keiko O'Brien returns from Bajor possessed
by an alien. She tries to get her husband, Miles to destroy DS9. Rom is the
true hero of the episode as he helps Miles save the station from 
TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS: (week of  11/4) This is the DS9 30th Anniversary 
Salute to Star Trek. Lolita said she was not permitted to show slides from 
this episode (everyone knows what it is about anyway). Look for 'The Trouble 
with Tribbles' author David Gerrold to make a cameo appearance as a Security 
LET HE WHO WITHOUT SIN...: (week of 11/11)  This is a Risa episode where 
Bashir & Leeta go to officially break up. Bajoran tradition says that when a
couple breaks up 'they break up... and they break up nicely...' so they go 
to Risa to do that. Leeta eventually goes from dating Bashir to dating Rom!
Worf & Dax also go to Risa for some time off and are accompanied by Quark! 
This episode is directed by Rene Auberjonois.
THINGS PAST: (week of 11/18) All the personnel on Deep Space 9 start to take
on 'alternative realities' -- people's dreams start coming true. This
episode just finished filming and was directed by LeVar Burton.
THE ASCENT: Odo and Quark are trapped on a snow planet. Much of the episode
was filmed by nearby mountains so they could get some real snow. Secondary 
plot: Nog has entered his second year of Starfleet Academy and that means he
is sent off to serve a year of crew duty. He reports to DS9 and he and Jake
become roommates. The problem becomes when the two find out they are like 
'The Odd Couple' -- Nog has changed a great deal during his year at the
Academy and the two are rather unsure of one another.
        * Sisko goes after Starfleet-turned-Maquis, former Commander Edington.
        * Romance Angles: Look for a new love interest for Bashir;  Shakaar 
will come visit Kira; Cassidy Yates will be back (does that mean she came to
a contract agreement with Paramount?)

        DS9 episodes take about 50-60 crew people to shoot a given scene. It 
takes 7 days to shoot one episode at 16 hours a day, and every day about 7 
minutes of footage is shot. All DS9 episodes are 42 minutes long.
        DS9 Starfleet uniforms will NOT change, even though the uniforms 
have changed in the new TNG movie. 'Among other things, it's too expensive,' 
Lolita said. When asked why the uniforms were changed for the movie, she 
said changes like that are made for different reasons. She said 
halfheartedly that sometimes she thinks changes like that are made just to 
sell more action figures.
        When asked about the possibility of Majel Barrett-Roddenberry 
appearing in a DS9 (or Voyager) episode, Lolita responded that it was 
possible there would be an episode planned for Lwaxana Troi by the end of 
the season -- there simply isn't one in the works at this time. She said one 
problem is that Majel is producing her own show right now -- 'Battlefield
Earth' -- and is very busy.

        Lolita started her talk about Voyager with a question about the 
violence in the episode 'The Chute.' She said Paramount had received quite a 
few letters about the violence of the show and she was wondering what the 
audience thought. Generally everyone agreed that it was *not* that violent.

REMEMBER: B'Elanna Torres becomes the repository for memories of an alien
race that was killed. A Brannon Braga story, directed by Winriche Kolbe (to
air this week)
SACRED GROUND: An episode that was shot last year and held over for this 
year: In order to save Kes's life, 'Janeway must undergo a grueling experience.'
FUTURE'S END I+II: The Voyager crew visit contemporary Los Angeles. Lolita 
said the crew had a lot of fun filming this episode. Locations they were 
shooting in included the Venice Boardwalk and Santa Monica Pier. She it was
also quite funny to see the character of Tuvok eat a hot dog on the 
boardwalk (and he didn't enjoy it). There is no air date for this episode 
because they are still filming it and making some changes. It will most 
likely air during the November sweeps period.
WARLORD: Kes receives the memories of a great warrior and thinks she is male
because the warrior was male (!).
** We then get a bunch of reruns going into December and then in January...
Q AND THE GREY: Q returns from the Continuum and tries to convince Captain 
Janeway to have a baby with him. She doesn't. Lolita said there was some 
VERY funny dialogue in this episode. Look for Trek actress Susie Plakson to
appear as a female Q.
MACROCOSM: Written by Brannon Braga --  Janeway & crew are forced to battle
a ship full of mutated viruses.
ALTER EGO: Aliens invade Neelix's new Holodeck program. Directed by Robert
FAIR TRADE: Voyager encounters an old acquaintance of Neelix's and we learn 
a secret from his past.
BORG EPISODE: Lolita said she felt okay giving this information out because
Jeri Taylor had just done an on-line interview over the weekend and 
announced this: there WILL be a Voyager Borg episode, to air in February. 
The staff has had to wait until after the release of 'Star Trek: First 
Contact' before letting the Borg appear in Voyager's Delta Quadrant area of 

        Right now both Voyager and DS9 are into their 8th episode of the 
season, so that means the season is almost halfway through production-wise.
        Regarding 'Flashback' - the episode apparently did not do well 
enough ratings-wise to justify making it into a another Star Trek series. On
top of that, Lolita said it would be almost impossible for Paramount at this
time to produce three Trek series and movie all at the same time (this 
remark was met with some grumbling from the audience that perhaps Paramount
should go off and hire some new, fresh people to handle a Captain Sulu 
series, let alone other Trek right now).
        Someone complained that the Seska/Cullha/baby issue was not really 
settled at the end of 'Basics II.' Lolita said the Kazon are out of the
picture - we are not likely to see the return of Culluh and the baby at any
time. She said Executive Producer Jeri Taylor had said it was time to move 
on and get past the Kazon and Vidians, etc.
        The question I asked of Lolita was concerning the preview for 
'Remember' that was shown after the Ferengi episode last week. I explained 
that there were several people I knew who were offended by the sexual and 
almost pornographic content of the preview. I also told her that a friend of 
mine who works at a day care center with children said she never thought she
would see the day when she didn't feel she could show a Star Trek episode to 
her kids. I asked, 'What was the deal with this preview?'  Lolita said it 
was no secret that Voyager was looking 'to be different this season.' She 
said without Michael Pillar involved, Jeri Taylor was addressing the 
concerns of the studio in wanting a 'different program.' The move of Voyager 
from Mondays at 8:00pm to Wednesdays at 9:00pm was no accident -- she said 
'we're looking for a different audience.' I immediately countered to her: 
'Does that mean Voyager is now to be considered an 'Adult Program?' She 
said, 'No. We're just going after a different audience.' I got the distinct 
impression from her response that she didn't want to say Voyager was a more 
adult show... but I think she said it without saying it (if you know what I
mean?). She said Voyager is to be considered a very different program from 
DS9 and that both are after different audiences. On Sunday she said they 
(the staff) have NO control over the previews. She said they are done by 
outside companies and sometimes the staff has wanted to scream over how they
have seen episodes previewed on-air.
        Lolita went on to say that Voyager was going to contain more 
'adventure instead of whininess.' She said there will be romance among 
characters on Voyager this season. We will also learn more about Janeway. 
Because of Jeri Taylor's recent book 'Mosaic,' we will see more about the 
Captain... the book being used as a blueprint.
        The TNG staff got the general impression that Geordi LaForge's 
character got 'lost' in the 7 year series and that any attention to him
didn't happen until late 7th season. The Voyager writers are trying to avoid 
that by doing more character stories every week. Look for more on Tom Paris
and how he's changed.
        There was some complaints to Lolita on Sunday that some pretty good 
reoccurring characters were killed off in 'Basics II.' Lolita replied that 
there were new reoccurring characters on the way and that we should be 
pretty happy. She said there would be a real effort this year to work on 
more of 'a sense of family' on Voyager.
        Audience members bitterly complained both days about how it seems 
Voyager's episodes almost always end in the last 5 minutes and end abruptly 
-- 'Tuvix' was given as an example of this. Lolita said that it *has* been a 
problem and that the writers are working on trying to stop that from 
happening in this new, different season.
        Look for Kes's telepathic powers to undergo growth and development. 
Lolita said this in response to someone who asked why the 'ball was dropped' 
on the Kes/special powers storyline.
        Lolita complained about the horrible rumors on the Internet. She 
said at different times there have been these outrageous rumors that she has
been told about and the entire staff has found them very frustrating. She 
said at one time there were rumors that Chakotay or Paris were going to be
killed off -- she said there was NO WAY a cast member was going to be killed
off unless someone wanted to leave the show, and only then, they would 
probably be written out, not killed off. She mentioned with 'Star Trek: 
First Contact' they have had the same problem -- rumors that Patrick Stewart 
was going to be in the movie... but playing Guinan, not Picard... (Guinan is
not in the movie, BTW).
        Lolita reiterated what Tim Russ had said about an upcoming Pon Farr 
episode. However Lolita implied that it really had to do with Tuvok, while 
Tim Russ said it didn't.
        When asked about Kes's aging, Lolita said that yes, Kes is aging, 
but we just don't see it (!).  She doesn't look like she's aging.
        The script for 'Resolutions' was 'much more steamy' than what we saw 
in the final version that aired. The original version had more romance. 
Right now the only plans with the Janeway/Chakotay relationship is to keep 
'the tension' going. There are no plans to make them any closer than they 
are now.
        In 'Basics II' Ensign Wildman's baby was originally going to die. 
The writers changed their minds on that and almost killed the baby with an 
illness... but saved her.
        There were some concerns voiced by fans at the con *and* by Lolita 
that the upcoming episodes 'Future's End I+II' looked too much like 'Star 
Trek IV.' Lolita said that was a concern, but that seeing the episodes 
themselves, she said they are very different stories.
        Lolita seemed to be aware of how Brannon Braga is perceived among 
fans. Almost every time she mentioned his name she did it with hesitation --
many in the audience groaning at the prospect of having to live through a BB
episode. Lolita acknowledged that BB writes some pretty weird episodes...

Lolita showed us about a dozen slides from the new movie. She said we were 
very lucky to see these slides because they have been to very few 
conventions. Apparently some of these slides were shown by Michael Dorn at 
the Hunstville, Alabama gathering on Sunday September 8th.
        * Marina Sirtis is sporting a long black wig as Troi. Apparently her 
hair is very short and they had to go with a wig. The wig appears to have 
her hair around chest-level and is very flat (no wild curls).
        * Geordi LaForge has new eyes, of course, which look as they did in 
TNG's series finale 'All Good Things...'
        * We were shown a slide of Data in a machine, looking up, facing up 
(he looked trapped)
        * Picture of Picard and Lilly -- Lolita said that contrary to ALL 
rumors, Picard and Lilly do NOT have an affair. They are just good friends.
        * They spent a great deal of time in on-location shooting.
        * One of their know problems with the movie is the Defiant Factor -- 
DS9 will be ignoring the fact that the ship has left for a time to appear 
with Picard & Co. There is no truth to the rumor that the Defiant is blown 
up in FC. 
        * Gates McFadden's hair is blonde, not red as per usual. Lolita was 
asked three times over the weekend about Gates's hair color and never 
answered why the hair color changed (I was very disappointed that she seemed=
to shrug off the question).
        * While showing a slide of Frakes as director, Lolita commented that 
Jonathan Frakes's energy level was amazing! She said he was great to all the 
cast and crew and made a point of talking with everyone. She said every 
director gets a golf cart to drive around to various locations -- she said 
the first few days he had his golf cart he just drove around saying 'hello' 
to people and having fun. She said she expected Frakes's directing career to 
really take off after the release of ST:FC.
        * Slide of Worf and Picard in space suits for a space walk.
        * The Borg apparently take over the Holodeck.
        * The phrase 'First Contact' has to do with Earth's first contact 
with aliens.
        * There will be more bloodshed in this movie than in any previous 
Star Trek films. There is no truth to the rumor that a cast member is being 
killed off. It does appear to be a rather violent movie -- *most* of the 
slides Lolita showed us had everyone carrying guns or having guns pointed at
them. Also, everyone looked very grim and very unhappy...

There have already been multiple screenings of the movie and the response, 
Lolita said, has been quite good. Executive Producer Rick Berman and the 
Paramount/Viacom studio people are very happy with the film.

        The question was asked: would we ever find out what happened to 
Geordi LaForge's mother in TNG? Lolita said 'probably not.' She said by the 
time TNG ended after 7 seasons, there were quite a few loose ends left, and
that with the current movie format, there would be no realistic way to 
address all of them.
        Regarding romance relationships in TNG, Lolita said we will *never* 
see any follow-up on the Troi/Worf or Picard/Crusher. She said they just 
won't be touched on again (Sorry, P/C fans...)

-- Lolita said it was most likely that there would be a special video 
release of the Sunday October 6th special UPN special.
-- The Hollywood Reporter on Friday 10/4 ran a full issue on Star Trek's 
30th Anniversary. She said they sold out very quickly and that she was able
to get three... and was auctioning off two at the convention this weekend.
-- She did a 'Wesley Poll' and asked people who liked Wesley and who didn't. 
People overwhelmingly voted against the Wesley character. She said she felt
sorry for Wil Wheaton because her polls always turn out the same, no matter 
what city she visits. Wesley is considered to be off with the Traveler and 
there are current plans to bring him back for Voyager or any other series.
-- Look for more Maquis activity in both Voyager and DS9 this season.
-- Carolyn Seymor is considered a very fine actress and considered a very 
NICE person. Lolita said it was very possible we would see her later in 
either one of the two series or in the movies.
-- Lolita reiterated her issue from last March's Vulkon convention in 
Towson, MD that there is now SO much Star Trek that is almost impossible to
keep up with all the facts and figures. She said there is a lot of Star Trek
history and mistakes are made with facts and references to TOS, but that's
the way things are.
-- If you are interested in getting a packet of information on Star Trek 
Writer's Submission Guidelines, feel free to call the 24-Hour hotline: 

        Perhaps one of the best subjects/conversations that came up during 
Lolita's talks was on Sunday afternoon, where basically everyone got into a 
discussion about the status of Trek today -- are we too saturated? Has Trek
lost its popularity, etc. I started the discussion by asking Lolita about 
the concerns of many fans (and mentioned in several Trek Anniversary 
newspaper reviews, including the New York Times) that Star Trek is suffering
from lack of creativity, that there seems to be 'inbreeding' among the 
writing staff leading to no new ideas -- that everything is homogenous 
looking. I also said there must be some concern over at Paramount that there
is too much Star Trek these days, perhaps evidenced by the fact that 
convention attendance is down -- what could this be due to?
        The ensuing conversation was actually quite good, where Lolita said 
that the issue of Star Trek 'bottoming out' comes up in the office every
once in awhile.  She said Paramount was very aware of lowering attendance at
conventions, demonstrated by the fact that Creation Inc. usually holds about
64 cons a year -- this year they have held only 12. She said Paramount was 
not looking into doing another con after Huntsville because of these 
numbers. Fans in the room mentioned that one of the reasons they felt con 
attendance was lower was because there were simply too many cons to go to 
and that people were being forced to pick and choose. Regarding the issue of
'writer inbreeding,' Lolita pointed out that the writings staffs for Voyager 
and DS9 were both completely different -- that Jeri Taylor ran Voyager and 
that Ira Steve Behr ran DS9's. Michael Pillar is not involved that much any 
more because he is on TV development projects with Paramount on other 
things. She said there are only 6 people, including herself, that work on 
both series and the movies at the same time -- and that that's not enough to 
make all the products look the same. She said Rick Berman IS Star Trek. He 
is the one who has the final word and the who has the vision, 'what he says 
goes.'  It was actually a rather satisfying conversation, an unusual 
opportunity to go back and forth with someone from the Paramount office and
express our concerns and complaints about the series.

        My final comment about Lolita's talks: Generally she was really very 
informative and engaging. She listened to what people had to say, asked 
questions of fans in the audience about what they felt was wrong or right 
with Voyager and DS9 (I think she was a little shocked, though on Sunday 
when the overwhelming majority of people expressed their dissatisfaction 
with the new movie uniforms...). My only real complaint with her was about 
one question that she was asked three times over the weekend but failed to 
answer.  She was asked about why Dr. Crusher's hair was blonde for the 
movie. Both days she was very evasive with her responses, her only real 
reply being, 'Maybe Crusher isn't a real redhead. Look at me -- I was a red 
head last time I was in Maryland, and this time I'm not.'  Her not answering 
the question annoyed me because it seemed to be such a *simple* question.
But then I thought, perhaps there isn't a simple answer. Perhaps there was
some major issue involving the hair and Gates and it wasn't something Lolita 
wanted to comment on.
        Nonetheless, it bothered me that she never got close to answering 
the question because she came off as evasive and almost trying to hide 
something (perhaps she was). I'm rather annoyed with the Crusher hair color
thing because, aside from the fact I am a big Crusher fan, it is a major 
MAJOR movie inconsistency in connection with the TNG series... and it's a
major eyesore with no explanation (although who said we had to be given 
explanations on anything...)

I hope you enjoyed this review and the facts Lolita gave during her talks. I
recommend people taking the time to see her if she appears at a convention 
ear you (and you never know if you may bump into her on the dance floor....)

                          SASHI ALEXANDRA GERMAN
     Fleet Captain, USS Thagard, Philadelphia, PA (USA) Star Trek Club
                   Starfleet Region-7 Deputy Chief of Staff
      Member of "Now Voyager" - that fantastic Kate Mulgrew fan club!

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