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UNIX commands acronym

  • adb: a dreadful bug
    another damn bug
    antedilluvian bug eater
  • c++: cannot add
  • cat: compose a tune
  • cc: change channels
  • cd: can't define
  • cpio: corrupt process in operation
  • cron: can run only nightly
  • csh: complete sh
    crash system and halt
    crash system hardware
    can't and shan't help
  • date: display a time estimate
  • df: disk full
  • dump: destroy user's modified programs
    don't use my programs
  • ed: eject disk
  • grep: get ready to eat the processor
    greates request ever produced
    gurus recovery expert program
  • lp: lose printout
  • lpr: lose printout repeatedly
  • lpr -m: mail me that you've lost printout repetedly
  • ls: last supper
    let's sex
    less sex
    let's see
    long story
  • ls -l: lots of silly lines
  • mail: make an infinite loop
  • man: many ambitious notes
    minimum assistance to novices
    male aid needed
  • nroff: nearly random output file formatter
  • od: obscures data
    oh, dear
  • passwd: pick a seven symbol word, dummy
  • ps: print suspects
  • rm: read manual
    realise mistake
  • rm -i: realise mistake (after impatient response)
  • rm -r: read manual -religiously
  • rmdir: randomly modify directories in root
  • sh: sans historie
    system halt
  • sort: shift, organise, rotate - truncate
  • su: suspend user
  • sync: sorry your network crashed
  • time: totally inaccurate measure of execution
  • vi: very insensitive
    violate intuition
    virtually impossible
    virtually incompehensible
    virtually intelligible
    virtually inept
  • wait: wow! another idiot time consumer
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