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Real Users

In response to the Real SysOps article that Kent posted, a user “Sgt. Slaughter” posted this article about “Real Users.”

  • Real Users never yell for the Sysop at 1AM or 6AM on weekends.
  • Real Users don't check the download section every time they call a board.
  • Real Users don't call every board posted that has the name “Black, Castle, War, Death -Ship or -Star”.
  • Real Users never pick the name “The Terminator, The Pirate, The hacker, The Wizard, The Warez, The Black Lord, The xxxxx Deamon” unless they call all the boards listed above.
  • Real Users don't post things in the wrong section - for instance Sales on the Public section.
  • Real Users NEVER post “this board is boring. Why doesn't anyone post anything interesting to read” since they know that it is slobs like them that make the board unisteresting in the first place.
  • Real Users have a sense of humor.
  • Real Users don't bug sysops for higher access levels. They earn them.
  • Real Users leave at least 1 message every time they call.
  • Real Users know and accept the fact that other users may have different computers and try hard to tolerate them in every case except when obvious on a war board.
  • Real Users avoid using four letter words unless really necessary, like the word “four”.
  • Real Users find a board they like and then call a lot, making the board a strong and interesting base for information and interest.
  • Real Users like meeting new people.
  • Real Users like Coke (..ok, I made that one up).
  • Real Users don't post on joke boards.
  • Real Users don't respect 13 year old kids who had their modem for 2 weeks and call themselves 'hackers' and try to 'hack' into their favorite BBS's.
  • Real Users never post anonymously. They know that if they have something important to say, and if it is relevant, no one will bug them if they say it. If they post anonymously, they obviously have something to hide - which is sort of pathetic, since they ARE on an electronic medium and noone knows who they are anyway.
  • Real Users post when they feel like it, and don't have to be told by other users or the Sysop to post.
  • Real Users respect the BBS codews of law and try not to break it because they know that following them will benefit not only others but them as well.

Real users love their modem!!!!

At Ease, Sgt. Slaughter the TRUE giant of Modeming!

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