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GoldED is now again shareware

# messaggio archiviato Mon, 08 Jul 96
# Area : GOLDED.BETA (GoldEd Betatester)
# Da   : Odinn Sorensen, 2:236/77 (Do, 07 Lug 96 14:28)
# A    : All
# Ogg  : Status report 7. july 1996
@MSGID: 2:236/77 31dfd1ec
@TID: GE 1.11+
Hello All.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that I have been able to save my company! :-)  As I wrote 
last time, I had to choose between job, education or welfare on the side. As 
it turned out, it was very limited what welfare help I could get, and if I 
closed my company, I would owe a large sum for the VAT of the computer 
equipment I bought for the business. Weighing the factors carefully, I chose 
to keep my company. I am still going to take the education. The education is 
Bachelor of Engineering and will take 3 1/2 years. It begins in august, but 
due to the age of my exams, I have to take a "brush-up" course in math from 
now until the normal education begins. The school is horribly far from my home 
in Boeslunde, and public transportation takes 2 hours each way. Because of 
this, I have chosen (had to choose) to move to a room in a student hostel a 
few hundred meters from the school. I'm moving a lot of my stuff there already 
today. I don't know my exact address yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I 

The bad news is that I am unable to pay my phonebill, so I have to close my 
FidoNet nodes for an unknown period of time, starting right now. In the period 
where I am out of FidoNet, I will ask one of the reg/support sites to forward 
messages for me.

Because my company was not closed, I am hereby *revoking* the freeware status 
of GoldED and withdrawing the free key with the serial number 7777DK7. Future 
versions (2.51 and next 3.00.Alpha) will not recognize the key as valid. 
Please stop using it.

In other words, GoldED is now again *shareware* and payment is once again 
required if you decide to keep it after the evaluation period.

PLEASE NOTE, however, that not all of the former reg.sites will be opened 
again. Specifically, the FidoNet Zone 1 coordinator and his sites have closed. 
Replacements will be set up as soon as possible, if possible, but it may take 
some time. Because of my temporary pause from FidoNet, communication between 
me and the reg.sites may be difficult, so please have patience while we are 
sorting out the mess.

Until I'm back in FidoNet (which may possibly be only as a point, at least in 
the beginning), you can only send me mail via Internet. Until further notice, 
use the address. I should be able to access it from the schools 
Internet connection. I should be getting a school-specific Internet address 
soon. I will let you know what it is when I get it. For regular status 
updates, try checking out my homepage at I 
haven't had time to update it with all the new happenings, but I hope to get 
it updated within the next week.


--- GoldED/W32 2.51.A0620+
 * Origin: * e-mail: (2:236/77)
SEEN-BY: 234/96 236/5 77 100 310/79 331/501 504 341/19 440/6 512/57 600/600
@PATH: 236/77 331/501
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