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Gregorian Chant: God is vengeful, I'm not worthy, and it's making me blue.

Baroque quartets: I have to sing this terrible music, and it's making me blue.

African drumbeats: The only instrument for miles is a drum. Damn, that's making me blue.

Classical: I can't figure out who shaves the barber, and it's depressing.

Opera: I'm a fat, loud Italian, and they aren't going to let me take these horns off until intermission. This sucks.

Chinese opera: I'm not fat, loud or Italian enough, and _this_ sucks.

Indian Sitar: I'm playing this big, unwieldy Sitar instead of a Strat. I wish I was playing a Strat. Then I wouldn't be so blue.

Spanish Flamenco: The matador lost, and the whole stadium is bummed.

Cavemen beating rocks: I'm cold, stupid, only partially evolved, I can't pick up without clubbing her on the head first, It's raining and I've got nothing better to do than bang rocks together. Damn, that's saddening.

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