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You know it's going to be a bad day when...

  • You wake up face down on the pavement.
  • You call Suicide prevention and they put you on hold.
  • You put your bra on backwards and it fits better.
  • You see a 60 Minutes News Team waiting in your office.
  • Your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles.
  • Your son tells you he wishes Anita Bryant would mind her own business.
  • You want to put on the clothes you wore home from last nights party - and there aren't any.
  • You turn on the news and they're showing emergency routes out of the city.
  • Your twin sister forgets your birthday.
  • You wake up to find that your waterbed broke and then realize that you don't have a waterbed.
  • Your horn goes off accidentally and remains stuck as you follow a group of Hell's Angels on the freeway.
  • Your wife wakes up feeling amorous and YOU have a headache!
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