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101 Things to do With a floppy disk

  1. Frisbee!
  2. Sneak into Oscar Mayers and throw them in an industrial sausage press.
  3. Slap 'em in between two hunks of bread, some lettuce, and a couple of tomatoes and have a DLT (Disk, Lettuce & Tomato)
  4. Telsa Coil 'em
  5. Copy like a son-of-a-bitch!
  6. Hors D'oeuvres (you know-party food)
  7. No… No… that's too sick.
  8. Feed them to C.P.'s roommate.
  9. Label 'em..Sell them to unsuspecting COMMODE-DOOR kiddies as software… and make lot's of money.
  10. Frisbee with the cover on.
  11. Frisbee with the cover off.
  12. Nude Frisbee. (Much more fun that way)
  13. Twister… Now there's Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and black
  14. Chew on them and pretend it's beef jerky.
  15. Draw little pictures on the disk in the slot (more fun when they're not your disks)
  16. Sell them to KGB.
  17. Contraceptive (not too effective)
  18. Draw cute little pictures in text.
             _____   ____
            |  !  | / |_||
            |  O  | |____|
  19. Tack 'em to the wall…
  20. Stack 'em high and jump in them like leaves.
  21. (3.5) put them in the drive upside down (But, it's double-sided, isn't it?)
  22. (5 1/4) cut extra r/w slits and have an 8-sided disk.
  23. Sharpen them to razor-sharp perfection and kill someone. (Tom)
  24. Share 'em with your friends.
  25. Paint them different colors so they'll look more 'Yuppie'
  26. Play poker.
  27. Play Solitare.
  28. Sex (No elaboration)
  29. Put something WRONG on a 'lifetime warranty' disk and get a new one.
  30. Blow a pile of them up in an effort to reduce the nuclear arms race.
  31. Forget it.
  32. Bake one into a Jello Casserole.
  33. How about a cake, or a souffle?
  34. Disk Pudding is good too.
  35. Try sponging.
  36. Nothing… Nothing at all.
  37. Could it be… SATAN????!!!!
  38. Flush it down the toilet, the cheesy bastard.
  39. String lots of them together and wear it as jewelry.
  40. Wash them periodically so they'll be squeaky clean.
  41. Take them to the zoo.
  42. Feed them to Otis.
  43. Munch on them on the plane down to Florida.
  44. Take a look at the stupid directions on the back of the disk envelope.
  45. Disobey the directions on the back of the disk envelope.
  46. Why the hell would you CARE what the hell you can do with a Goddam disk?
  47. build supersonic aircraft for the military.
  48. Make a kite.
  49. Use it as a hockey puck.
  50. Jump on it for a real blastin' good rockin' rad time DUDE!
  51. Kick a field goal.
  52. Read
  53. Write
  54. Experiment with magnets.
  55. Put programs on 'em? Nah
  56. Sell 'em to the DOD as a Star Wars Defence PLan.(and charge a shitload)
  57. Steal em.
  58. (Were hatin for ideas by now…)
  59. Dont feed 'em to an aligator.
  60. Use them to store data on dumb file like “101 things to do with disks”
  61. Magnetic Slurpies (but thats another G-file)
  62. See how many I/O errors you can get on one disk.(contests)
  63. If your gay…
  64. See if the printer will accept them (tractor feed)
  65. Send one to a friend (put a stamp on it and mail drop it)
  66. Put a 3.5 into a 5 1/4 inch drive.
  67. X-acto…
  68. Leave one in the sun for a tan.
  69. Keep 'em in your pocket.
  70. (were really hatin it now…)
  71. Put one in the CD player.
  72. Keep one in you walet for that 'Special Moment.'
  73. Disk races.
  74. See if one can find it's way out of a maze.
  75. Advanced swimming lessons.
  76. Build a house.
  77. (if you have a hard drive) Remove it.
  78. Use it.
  79. Lick it.
  80. _ it.
  81. Use it as a place mat.
  82. Sell 'em cheap.
  83. Earrings.
  84. (after washing/cause they cant go in dryer) hang em out to dry (in the sun).
  85. Wallpaper.
  86. Put little magnetic thingies on em and sell em for outragous prices.
  87. Junk food.
  88. Cut snowflakes out of them. (or little humans)
  89. Make designs in Bar-B-Q sauce on them.
  90. (only 11 more!!! Yippeee!! were loosin it…)
  91. Use em as credit cards.
  92. Try to use them to buy stuff (new form of magnetic money)
  93. Send em through airport security… ZIP!
  94. Shredding parties with Ollie!
  95. “I don't recall.” Ronald Reagan.
  96. Drink mixers.
  97. Line your bird cage with them.
  98. Pizza toppings.
  99. Use them in court cases(against yourself)
  100. (YEA! 100! What the hell are we gona say?) Forget to label them.
  101. Archery targets (or skeet… your preference)
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