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Goldware International - Closed! :-(((

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 Da   : Odinn Sorensen                      2:236/77        Lun Lug 01 96 20:09 
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 Ogg  : Goldware International - Closed! :-(((                                  
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Hello All.

This is a very sad day for me. Today I was forced to close my company, Goldware 

When I started Goldware International in 1991, I knew very little about
accounting and tax rules, and because of my ignorance I managed to build up a
substantial tax debt. Ever since my errors were discovered some years ago, my
economy has been very difficult. Then in fall/winter 1995, my income (GoldED
registrations) started a relentless dive toward zero. In may 1996 it had fallen 
to an all-time low of 1/10 of the average of previous years. I could no longer
live on my business alone, so I considered some of my options: A job on the
side, an education on the side, or social security on the side. I chose the
latter as the best solution if I wanted to keep my business running, but I was
turned down. After further and very hard consideration, I have chosen to close
my business entirely and instead restart my education. Having my business at the
same time as an education or a job would be too stressful and both would suffer.

So how does this affect GoldED?  When I don't have a business, I cannot take
payment for registrations. Therefore I have decided to change GoldED from
Shareware to Freeware status as of today. Maybe some day I will be able to
change it back to Shareware, but that is likely to be in the far future. As of
today, I no longer accept payment, and (to the best of my abilities) I will
return any payment I may receive after today. I cannot refund any payments made 
to me before today, sorry. I have instructed all my registration sites to return
any registration payments that they receive on or after 1. july 1996. I cannot
guarantee that you can receive a 100% full refund if you have sent a payment to 
a registration site on or after today. The may have had costs
associated with receiving the payment or other circumstances. Please be
understanding and don't blow this up to a big problem. Please also be aware that
I have cancelled *all* GoldED registration sites today. This means that as of
today, there are *no* GoldED registration sites at all. Note that it may be a
while before the now former reg.sites remove their banners, orderforms 
etc. I hope that nobody will feel bad if they *just* registered before today and
can't get a refund. I'm sorry.

I am very grateful for your support until now, and I will do what I can to
continue work on GoldED even as a Freeware product. However, my education will
take first priority over everything else. My prior experience with having a
full-time job or education at the same time as working on GoldED showed me that 
I can't do both very well. So I will put my main energies into the education and
do as much work on GoldED as I can in my spare time. Of course I would also like
to have a life, so GoldED may take third place or even lower in periods. My
education starts in early/mid august.

Future plans for GoldED: Actually not much has changed - my intentions are the
same, except that I will have less time to work on it. I am still working on the
advanced features and restructuring of GoldED \"Firebird\" v3.00. The next public 
release will be the recently announced GoldED 2.51, which is basically a
slightly more stable GoldED 2.50 with the features and fixes of 3.00.Alpha1
incorporated. GoldED 2.51 will be released in the usual versions for DOS, 386
and OS/2 plus a new Win32 textmode version for Windows 95 and NT. I am still
working on finalizing 2.51, but it should be released early this month (july). I
am also working on a true Windows version as well as an OS/2 PM version.
Currently my GUI development work is still very much in the learning stage, but 
I'm making pretty good progress. It shouldn't bee too long before I can begin to
show running versions of my design studies.

The coming GoldED 2.51 and future releases of 3.xx will have a built-in
registration key, so that you won't have to go to me or a to register
the program. Until then, I am releasing publicly a 100% free registration key,
which will work in all versions of all current and older GoldED releases. Here
it is:

  ;SERIALNO    7777DK7
  REGISTERKEY  731E74072408340421751F527354752C1E0F

So, to make your GoldED registered, simply copy these three lines into your
GOLDED.CFG or into a file named GOLDED.KEY.

If you have a key already, please keep it safe - it may be worth something in
the future when/if GoldED becomes Shareware again. In the mean time, feel free
to use the free key instead, if you decide to change to a version that your
current key is not valid for.

I will stay tuned to the GoldED echoes and I will also continue to maintain the 
WWW and FTP sites at My e-mail address is still, but
the address has been cancelled, and I don't know how long I can
keep the address. My BBS and mailer is still open at the usual 
number. My voice phone number has changed, because I had to close a line to save
money. My new voice number is: +45-58162225.

Bye for now.


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